Anatomy Console

Roula Salamoun for House of Today
L: 140cm     W: 45cm    H: 80cm
High-Performance Concrete.

Limited edition of 12 pieces.

This product explores the relationships between the human body, space and the objects in between. It invites the viewer to imagine an environment where bodies infuse in the tangible space as much as they affect the invisible one.  

Anatomy is generated by an iterative casting process taken from different bodies. The collected shapes and parts become design instruments that are themselves subject to casting, creating the opportunity to add, subtract or transform the information into a novel, redefined body.

The resulting anatomy, a singular entity of multiple histories, takes on a life of its own. When introduced in a domestic or familiar built environment, the product engages with its surrounding and brings out, naturally, a feeling of anthropomorphic surrealism.

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Up close, the humanoid landscapes shelter horizontal surfaces concealed within pockets. In these creases, the areas vary in shape and size suggesting that their usage may differ. 

Adhering to the casting ethos, each and every product of the series of 12 is casted in a mould of the original, hand-casted prototype.

Photography credits: Marco Pinarelli for House of Today