Future was a year ago

A simple building block – it carries with it a beginning and an end; the beginning of a wall, the end of an empire. A small unit of a much bigger story, that of a place, a land, and its history. 
Replicating the surfaces, textures, and lithophytes of the original, a new block is its clone in resin, borrowing the erosion and chisel marks that have shaped its form. Block R01 is a ghost of the original stone rendered in material of today and is consequently an original of its own time. Adopting the tones of the rocks on site, the new block glows in the light and readies itself to become an archaeological artefact of the future.
The exercise in mimesis continues in print & NFT and plays on the possibility of an archaeology of the future. 

Collaboration with Ieva Saudargaite Douaihi for Art Design Lebanon

Mixed Media 2021:

Block R01 (33.8562688, 35.5992068)
Limited edition: AP +3

Photo of Block R01
Limited edition: AP +3

Block R01 NFT