MFB Studio

[Made for Brands]
150 sqm Office Interior 

This project is designed to allow various spatial configurations that address the studio's multiplicity and in light of its future expansion, allowing MFB to reinvent itself conceptually and spatially.

Enjoying a sidewalk vitrine overlooking a busy commercial street in Beirut, the project’s main space is designed to highlight our clients’ process: Explore, Create and Share. In Explore, people gather to watch, discuss and learn in an informal setting through events, talks and installations curated by MFB. Create is the team’s main workspace, while Share is where projects are presented and made public.

A flexible architecture choreographs the relationship between these spaces. Seating modules double as storage units. The kitchen floor becomes a stage extending onto what once was a meeting table. Mobile metal mesh structures extend MFB’s Shareethos by creating a versatile system of display for temporary installations related to current projects and events, becoming an interactive interface between the studio, its visitors and the street.

Photography credits:  Ieva Saudargaitė