Crown Bake Facility

The project is production facility for Crown Flour Mills, a seven-decade old company, and exceptional mill in the region. This new facility houses their most recent product line, Crown Bake, which comprises of specialized flours and mixes. 
The key feature of the building is the double-skin façade on the south orientation. While the outer skin provides comfort by creating shade to the inner glazed and fair-faced concrete façade; its design promotes the forward-looking approach of the company. The glass-fiber-reinforced concrete skin, is entirely customized and creates variety while using only four panels. Shifted components in the seemingly orthogonal panel design break the grid and introduce movement in an otherwise static composition.  
At the engineering level, the building management system integrates differential environmental controls across spaces ensuring optimal conditions for production, making the state-of-the-art facility unique in the country. The principal challenge was designing a facility to be built on an existing basement and entailed adapting to legacies from the structural columns’ layout.
At the circulation level, the different access points channel visitors, administrative staff and operators to the proper circulation route aided by an integrated access control system. It also provides controlled movement of the flow of raw products, produced goods, and sterilized goods ensuring compliance with the appropriate food safety norms and regulations. The interior space allocated for sanitation stations at all access points to the production areas, taking into consideration future expansion of the activity.

Built-up area: 3500 sqm
Program: Industrial facility

Status: Phase 1 completed

Scope of work
- Architectural design and construction supervision
- Electro-mechanical & structural engineering coordination
- Design phases from Concept design to tender documents
- Assistance in the Tendering phase 
- Assistance in management during the construction phase

Consultant:  Riad Salamoun engineers & architects
Structural engineer: Elie turk
Mechanical engineer: Bachir Saadeh
Electrical engineer: Roger Njeim
Technical control: Apave

Photography by Ieva Saudargaite Doueihy

Programs behind skin

Types and dimensions of panels

Unfolding the panels of the skin