Mar 26

Despite being partly inhabited and previously renovated after the war, the Marfa’ building was rundown and the façade was in need of some repair.
This project was a hands-on renovation that focused mostly on upgrading the building’s material specifications. The work was guided by two factors, adapting what is available to comply with the requirements of Solidere as well as choosing the material that respects the character of the building.
The opaque wooden louvers were removed to be tinted so the original veins of the wood could be visible. The exterior wall, made of limestone, were also cleaned and restored.
The renovation involved recruiting a team of contractors, coordinating with Solidere, and submitting to site checks with Solidere to respond to any comments while the work is being done.

Program: Commercial & office building 
Brief: Facade Renovation
Status: Completed

Scope of work
- Architectural supervision
- Coordination with solidere