Roula Salamoun in collaboration with Ieva Saudargaitė
L: 5.5m     W: 2m    H: 2.5m
Multi-channel sound installation, recycled plastic

The project investigates the notion of crossing national boundaries with a Lebanese passport. Inspired by security screening at airports and thermal mapping, the installation addresses this issue by disrupting personal space as one travels.

Looking at the porosity of these different boundaries, the project reinterprets the access to the world into a spatial experience where users are invited to navigate a matrix of verticals guided by 4 audio channels; Border Control, Visa Required, List of Documents Required, Golden Visa.
The tactile and sensorial experience redefines enclosure and sense of space, as users move through zones that vary in density and color going from the hostile zones to the more accessible ones.

Winner of the Arte Laguna ARS prize 2019.
Exhibited during Beirut Design Week in May 2017.

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Wallpaper / Dezeen / Iconeye / Design Mena / Al Monitor

Special Thanks: B.M. / C.K. / H.A.S. / H.E.O. / I.F. / Lebanese Recycling Works / M.A.M. / M.H. / R.R.S. / R.N.S. / The Piece Makers / V.B. / Y.B.